Josephine P. Cranston Writes to Her Niece, Josie ~ 1884

“Josie,” actually Josephine Parke Cranston was the daughter of Charles Edward Cranston (Chris’s father) and the niece of Josephine Park Cranston, Charles Edward Cranston’s sister.  “Josie” was “Aunt Jo” to Marion, Helen, Bill and Tip and appears to be the favorite niece of Josephine Park Cranston.  It was to “Josie” that Josephine Park Cranston gave the “Cranston papers” of which this is one.

In the letter, Josephine laments the fact that Josie’s uncle, Charles Edward, doesn’t write much to anyone.  She also describes the physical ailments of who appears to be her and Charles’s uncle, Stephen, the brother of Christopher Cranston (although there is no reference to Stephen in the Cranston book).

She mentions another brother – Wallace – who must have been another son of Christopher. She refers to “Maude” whom I suppose is a sister, but am not sure.


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  1. Charles C. Jett

    Since Charles Edward Cranston was the only son of Christopher Cranston and Lora Park – the other children of Christopher were with Irene W. Nott – his second wife after Lora Park Cranston died.

      1. Charles C. Jett

        I posted a letter written by Christopher Cranston about Lora’s death. It’s very sad reading.


    William’s “Find a Grave” page says he enlisted in Ohio, but I think I’ve read in other places….Kentucky. Maybe that was for Christopher. I’ve also found an article about William in a book about Medal of Honor Winners. There is also a children’s book about him.


    Steven is the son of John. He is the brother of Christopher Cranston.

    William Wallace was the son of Christopher Cranston, our great great grandfather. William won the Medal of Honor during the Civil War for rescuing a Confederate officer during Chancellorsville, I believe. He was in a Kentucky regiment on the Northern side. I’m not positive, but info is available on the internet. I’ve also come across a post where his medal has been unclaimed. Sorry, I’ve not been good about writing everything down. I’ll check on the main facts and get back to you.

    Another son of Christopher was Christopher Columbus. He was wounded at Murfreesboro TN
    On New Years Eve 1862 and died 3 days later at age 18.
    Other sons of Christopher and Irene were:

    Louis Napoleon
    Otto Goldsmith, a well regarded DR.

    1. Charles C. Jett

      Thanks for the update, cuz! And thanks for sending the link to William Wallace. I’ll do a separate posting on that – cousins will love to hear about that.

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