What This Blog Is All About!

The purpose of this blog is to share historic documents and provide a forum for general discussion and stories about the “Cranston Line” – specifically for those who are descendants of Christopher (Doc) Cranston.

You can post stories and make comments here – you can upload photographs or scanned documents to share with all the “cousins” and related individuals who might be interested in this information.

Much of the information that will be uploaded to this site will be that which was collected and preserved by Josephine Park Cranston of Woodstock, Ohio in the mid to late 1800’s.  These documents were given to Chris’s sister, Josephine Cranston, in Galesburg, Illinois and then later to Helen (Cranston) Peterson who gave them to me.  It is my intent to share all of this material with the descendants of Christopher (Doc) Cranston.

If you are a descendant and have interesting photographs, documents or stories, you can share them as well.

As we learn how this works, we will update the blog – perhaps the appearance, perhaps other categories separate from documents and photographs.  For now, however, let’s just give this a try.


Charles (Cranston) Jett

Chicago, IL


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