The Story of the Cranstons

In 1974, Edna Lucille Barnes, a descendant of Laura Park Cranston (daughter of Charles Edward Cranston of Galesburg, IL and sister of Christopher (Doc) Cranston) wrote a small book called “The Story of the Cranstons.”  Laura Park Cranston married Benjamin Olinger and Edna Barnes is a descendant of that marriage.  Christopher (Doc) Cranston married Elizabeth (Bess) Campbell who were the parents of Marion, Helen, Bill and Sidney (Tip).

Portions of this book are shown below.

00Cover 01Author 02Intro 03CoatofArmsExpl 04CoatofArms 06Generations1 06Generations2Note:  Samuel Cranston (Governor of Rhode Island) married Mary Clarke – daughter of Freeborn Williams who was the  daughter of Roger Williams.


 Christopher and Lora Cranston’s only child together was Charles Edward Cranston.




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