Oregon Trail – Letter from Ephraim Cranston – 1851

This is an excellent letter written from Lebanon, Oregon after the long trip.  It is from Ephraim Cranston apparently to his brother, Christopher Cranston.  It is quite descriptive of the difficulties on the trip and he provides a nice picture of the country in Oregon compared to Ohio.  It is rather sad, though, because he explains that the distance between them means that they will most likely not see one another for the rest of their lives.


2 thoughts on “Oregon Trail – Letter from Ephraim Cranston – 1851

  1. 1jeo@msn.com

    I believe this letter is from Christopher’s brother Ephraim. He is the brother that went to Oregon. He was the leader of the wagon train, and he got all members there alive.

    1. Charles C. Jett

      That’s the brother of the Christopher who was Charles Edward Cranston’s father, right? I’ll change the post.

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