Photo Collection from Helen Cranston Peterson’s Albums

Bess_BattleMountain_1950Bess Melby at Battle Mountain Auto Camp – around 1951

Bess_ShawPlace_SamAndBuster_MowHay_1925Bess Melby going out to mow hay at the Shaw Place – 1926 – with Sam and Buster

BessCampbell1908Bess Campbell (before marriage) 1908

Bill_BobPainter_1942Bill Cranston and Bob Painter 1942

Bill_Tip_Buster_ShawPlace_1919Bill and Tip with Buster around 1918

BobDodge_Bill_Scranton_1918Sailor Bob Dodge with Bill Cranston in Scranton 1918

Cathy_Susanne_1943_KellyPlaceCathy Painter and Susanne Jett at Kelly Place 1943

Chris_Helen_GalesburgIllinois_1956Chris Cranston and Helen Cranston in Galesburg, Illinois 1956

ChrisWith_BobP_Karen_Susanne_Cathy_1941Chris with Bob, Karen, Susanne and Cathy at Kelly Place 1941

GilesCampbell_ShawPlace_1926Giles Campbell at Shaw Place 1926

GmaCampbell_Bill_1920Nellie Campbell cutting Bill’s hair 1920

GmaCampbell_Tip_Bill_Helen_Marion_1917_HaleyNellie Campbell with Tip, Bill, Marion and Helen 1918

Helen_with_Lamb_1929Helen Cranston at lambing time 1929

Marion_Helen_Bill_Tip_1919Marion, Helen, Bill and Tip 1919

Marion_Helen_Scranton_1926Marion and Helen Cranston in Scranton 1926

Marion_Helen_ShawPlace_1922Marion and Helen at Shaw Place 1922

Mildred_Helen_Lolita_Marion_SodHouse_Haley_1914Mildred Jackson, Helen Cranston, Lolita Jackson and Marion Cranston 1914

RayCorbett_Marion_Bill_Helen_Tip_DogDenny_CatTiger_1919Ray Corbett, Marion, Bill, Helen and Tip with dog (Denny) and cat (Tiger) at Adams place where Giles and Nellie Campbell lived 1920

Tip_Charlie_1944Tip with Charlie at Jett ranch.  Tip wearing war surplus rain suit.  1944

Tip_Franklin_ShawPlace_1921Tip on the horse Franklin at Shaw Ranch 1922

Tip_HS_GraduationPhotoTip High School Graduation Photo

_000_BillCranstonBill Cranston

Tip_Scranton_4yrsOldTip in Scranton – 4 years old

Tip_SheepherdingTip herding sheep at summer camp  1922

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