Josie Parke Cranston’s Second Grade Certificate ~ 28 February 1883

Josephine (Josie) Parke Cranston was the daughter of Charles Edward Cranston and Christopher (Doc) Cranston’s older sister by twelve years.  The “Parke” is correct – not to be confused with her aunt – Josephine Park Cranston.  “Parke” was the maiden name of Charles’s wife and Josie’s mother, Keturah Taylor Parke Cranston.

Helen, Marion, Bill and Tip knew her as “Aunt Jo.”  She lived in Galesburg, Illinois all her life.

Josie never married.  Josephine Park Cranston gave the Cranston papers to Josie which she kept until giving them to Helen Cranston before her death in 1948.  I attended her funeral in Galesburg with my mother.


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