Letter from Christopher Cranston to His Daughter Josephine Park Cranston ~ 17 October 1858

This letter was written to Josephine Park Cranston by her father, Christopher Cranston, from Woodstock, Ohio on October 17, 1858 about three weeks before he died on November 8, 1858.

Josephine’s mother was Irene W. (Nott) Cranston – Christopher’s second wife. His first wife, Lora, was the mother of Charles Edward Cranston – Josephine’s half brother.

The letter is sensitive to Josephine’s need for contact with her father, he laments the fact that he has not written to her more often, and he is very apologetic to her. He indicates that he was planning to send her some money, but there is no record if he ever did that. In the probate of his estate, it shows that he left Josephine the amount of $462 – the same as left to his other children.

I do not have the envelope in which the letter was sent, so I don’t know where Josephine was living or staying at that time.



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