The Preston and Marion Cranston Painter Family ~ 1963

As Dick Painter said, “Mom had anticipated this photo and wanted everything just right. Everyone had just the right clothes notice.  Dan and Mary had tried using hydrogen peroxide and their hair was a little light colored.  Ned did it and had me try it too.  Our hair turned out an awful looking red so Mom took us to the barber and we got a butch.”  Happy family.  Photo taken around 1963.

Preston & Marion Painter Family 19630001

From left to right (back row):  Bob, Catherine, Ruth, Helen, Mary Lou, Carol, and Ned.

In front (standing):  Richard

Sitting:  Preston and Marion

2 thoughts on “The Preston and Marion Cranston Painter Family ~ 1963

  1. jpwanderer

    Hi from Jack Watson, Helen Painter Watson’s second son. I know this story must be true because when I had hair, hydrogen peroxide turned it the same awful red that Dick is referring to!

    That for this wonderful website, I am having a hard time putting it down.

    1. Charles C. Jett

      You’re very welcome, Jack! Sometime remind your mother that she had a fascination with clean vs dirty cars. She would say, “keen car” or “dorty car” as she pointed to them. Fun – a long time ago in Hot Springs.

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