Josephine Park Cranston’s “Geneological Descent in America” ~ 1890’s

Sometime in the 1890s, Josephine Park Cranston assembled what she called the Cranston “Genealogical Descent in America.” She traces the history of the Cranstons from Governor John Cranston through the son of Peleg Cranston, John Cranston.


One of John Cranston’s children was Christopher Cranston (Charles Edward Cranston’s father and Josephine Park Cranston’s grandfather). Other children of John Cranston – not mentioned in Edna Barnes’ book, “The Story of the Cranstons,” were Stephen Cranston, William Rollins Cranston, and Lulu Cranston.


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    Hi Charlie, Your cousin Janice here. Just started reading your blog. So glad to have access to it. I have a few pictures to send you, when I can access them in my mess. I have done some work on the family tree, too. I don’t have the primary sources that you have, but I’m glad I have copies now. I found a lot of info on One of these days I’ll join Ancestry. One comment on Josephine’s letter of 1890, she is following Christopher Cranston’s brother Steven’s line. Steven’s son was William and William’s daughter was Lulu.

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