Letter from Rebecca Tracy to Her Cousin, Lucretia Parke ~ 20 January 1820

This letter is from Rebecca Tracy to her cousin Lucretia Parke who I think was Keturah Taylor Parke Cranston’s grandmother. Lucretia would then be Christopher (Doc) Cranston’s great-grandmother. Rebecca and Lucretia must have been of the same generation as John Cranston who is the one who emigrated from Rhode Island to Ohio in the early 1800’s.

The letter was sent to Lucretia who lived at the time in the Hampton, Ohio area. Keturah Taylor Parke was born in 1835 – fifteen years after this letter was written.

Most of the letter laments the fact that people are dying – something a lot more common at an early age in those times.

To put this in perspective, this letter was written six years before Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died  ~ CCJ


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