Who Was “Auntie Pearl?”

Marion and Helen stayed with “Auntie Pearl” in LaGrange, Illinois where they attended and graduated from Lyons Township High School.

“Auntie Pearl” was Louise Pearl Burnside and daughter of Marcus Terry Burnside and Maude Taliaferro Cranston who was some 14 years older than her younger brother, Christopher “Doc” Cranston. Marcus and Maude married in 1883.when “Doc” was seven years old.

“Auntie Pearl” was born in 1886 when “Doc” was ten years old.

Marion, Helen, Bill and Tip were born after 1910 when “Auntie Pearl” was twenty four years old – thus considerably older than a “normal cousin.”

But “Auntie Pearl” was really Marion, Helen, Bill and Tip’s COUSIN – NOT AUNT.¬†



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