John Cranston – Migration to Ohio – History & Woodstock Area

This is a short history of the migration of John Cranston and his family from Rhode Island to Woodstock, Ohio.  I don’t know who wrote it and there appears to be some pages missing which I will attempt to find and insert.  This is WORTH READING.

Also are two “Google Earth” images showing basically where the John Cranston farm was near Woodstock and its geographic relation to Columbus, Ohio.


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    I think Josephine Park (the older) may have written this. I have some of the mentioned family figured out, I think:

    Freelove Arnold 7/30/1784 – Daughter of Samuel Cranston 4/12/1752 (brother of John Cranston 1735/ our ggggrandfather) and Zilpha King. Freelove Cranston married Dexter Arnold, thus Freelove Arnold.

    Barzillai Cranston 5/12/1793 was Freelove’s sister.
    Scituate may be the place or there is a – John of Scituate Phillips. Phillips is the maiden name of Zilpha King’s mother, Freelove Phillips, (Zilpha’s father,Samuel King)

    Not enough information to identify Irene G.

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