Woodstock, Ohio Cemetery – Cranstons

Thanks to Janice Opsahl, here is where John Cranston (from Rhode Island), his wife, Phoebe, Lora Parks (Christopher Cranston’s first wife), Josephine P. Cranston and Mary Cranston are buried.  The cemetery is in Woodstock, Ohio – near the place where John Cranston first settled.

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4 thoughts on “Woodstock, Ohio Cemetery – Cranstons

  1. Cinthia Cranston

    Thank you for the copy of the proof of Revolutionary War service of John. I have a booklet of Cranston genealogy which includes letters between Samuel Cranston, gov. Of RI after John; and his cousin Eliz. requesting her assistance in obtaining the Cranston family crest.

    1. Charles C. Jett

      Thanks for the comment! It would be nice to learn more about the booklet you have . . . the only one I know about is “The Story of the Cranstons” written by Edna Lucille Barnes.

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