Photos of Helen – in the 1960’s

Helen and Paul in Edgemontpict0016

Helen, Susanne and John – Liberty Bell – Philadelphia – November 1963pict0014

Helen – Tired after arriving in Ferndale, MD – November 1963pict0013

Helen – Looking at Alan Shepherd’s Mercury capsule at Smithsonian – November 1963pict0012Helen, Susanne, John and Mike – Washington, DC – November 1963pict0011Helen – Mercury Capsule – Smithsonian 1963pict0010Susanne, John, Mike and Helen – at JFK’s grave – November 1963pict0009Helen, John and Susanne – Ferndale – November 1963pict0008Helen at sink – Edgemont – 1966pict0006Helen having a cigarette – November 1963 – Washington, DCpict0005Helen, Paul and “Frostie” in their camper – 1970pict0004Helen and Paul with their camper – 1970pict0003Paul and Helen at the General Custer Hotel – 1970pict0001

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