4 thoughts on “Cranston Graves – Rhode Island

  1. jennifer wickman

    This is great to see! I have been researching our Cranstons’ for awhile now. I now reside in Fort Walton Beach, FL now, but I am the great-grandaughter of Marion Marks, through the Blys of Michigan. I recently became a member of The Daughter of the American Revolution and The Daughters of the American Colonists, verified through Revolutionary soldier Samuel Cranston, who of course descended through Samuel & John Cranston, Colonial governors of Rhode Island. If anyone is interested in chatting, let me know. I am an early American history major now after a mid-life career change & LOVE this stuff! Email me at jwickman712@gmail.com or contact me at 850.499.0958. I am interested in any information regarding our Cranstons’ in the Civil War as well. I’m also very interested in any relics or artifacts that may lie within our family as well. Nice to talk to you all!

      1. Jennifer Wickman

        Hi Charles! Thank you for your voicemail. I was excited to hear about William Wallace Cranston and the fact that he was a Medal of Honor recipient! I was away taking care of my dad when I missed your call. I’ve since returned home and hope to chat with you this weekend thanks again.

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