Letter from Ephraim Cranston on the Oregon Trail Near Fort Kearney, NE, on May 22, 1851

Mailed to Mr. Christopher Cranston in Woodstock, Ohio

Near Fort Kearney, NE, May 22, 1851

Dear Friends – We have just arrived here all well without the first accident whatever all in good spirit after remaining all night in a storm without wood to make a fire to get our breakfast with so we ate a cold breakfast this morning. We are about 310 miles from St. Joseph, MO. We have had a great deal of rain for the last ten days, have seen but six Indians since we crossed the Missouri River. We expect to cross the mountains in from four to six weeks. Our teams are improving in speed not one has failed nor a hoof lost belong to our train Frank Smiossin is with us and a good fellow is he.

I am Dear friends

Yours in great haste as the teams are moving.

E. Cranston

The Oregon Trail – 1851

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