Bill Cranston Gets “Steamed!”

Sometime around 1949 or 1950, I was at the 7-11 ranch staying with “Uncle Bill” and “Aunt Doreen” and having fun with Chris.

Uncle Bill had just purchased a new Lionel “O” gauge electric train and set it up with the track running completely around the living room. He was very proud of it.


Somehow Chris got his little grubby hands on some engine oil and, just for the fun of it, put a drop or two on the tracks.

The train went around the track a few times – and picked up the oil on the drive wheels and spread it around the tracks.

Soon, the engine slowed down and the drive wheels started spinning like crazy – complete loss of friction between the drive wheels and the tracks. The oil had done its job – but GOOD!

Bill found what Chris had done . . . . and was STEAMED, STEAMED, STEAMED!

Quite funny, actually, but Bill didn’t think so.

I kept as low a profile as I could.

Bill didn’t spank Chris . . . but there were a few curses heard . . . loud ones.

He got over it . . . eventually. Chris never put oil on the tracks again!


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