Bad Man’s Butter!

When Marion, Helen, Bill and Tip lived with Giles and Nellie Campbell at (I think) the Shaw place, Helen, Bill and Tip were playing down by the Grand River.


One of them had to go to the bathroom (#2) . . . . went . . . and then covered the “stuff” with dirt.


About that time, Marion (the oldest) came by and, seeing that one of them had just covered something up, asked, “What’s that?”


One of them (I think Helen) replied, “Oh, that’s ‘Bad man’s butter.'”


Marion thought she would fix them all so ran over, reached down and took a big scoop of it in her hand. When she found out what it was, she ran after them – actually caught Helen – and dobbed it on her.


Helen got into a little trouble over that.


(I don’t know if I have told this story correctly, so any cousin who knows the correct version please make a comment below.)



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