Tip Gets Lost!

Sometime around 1980, Tip was visiting us in Chicago. He had come to Chicago to watch a handball tournament in the northern suburbs – so we let him use our car.


We were waiting for him to come home that evening, and he didn’t arrive until about an hour after he thought he would be at our house. When he came in, he told us what had happened.


At the time there was no freeway from the northern suburbs of Chicago to Wheaton, and Tip had to take Route #53 which was a “main north-south drag” but only three lanes – the center lane used for passing.


Apparently there was a big traffic backup about five miles north of Wheaton and the cars were doing the “stop and go” routine . . . moving ahead a car length, stopping, moving ahead a car length, stopping . . .etc.


Some cars were pulling out to the left in the passing lane and moving ahead, but Tip wouldn’t do that sort of thing . . . passing others who had to wait, etc.


Finally the line of cars turned to the right . . and Tip dutifully followed along.


Very soon he found his way to the entrance of a drive-in movie theater. The long line of cars he was in included all those folks who were going to the movie.


Tip got a good laugh about that . . . and so did we.

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