William Wallace Cranston – Congressional Medal of Honor Winner ~ 2 May1863

Janice Opsahl uncovered this gem.

Our great, great uncle, William Wallace Cranston, was the son of Christopher Cranston and the half-brother of Charles Edward Cranston. He was born on November 20, 1838 in Ohio and died on December 7, 1907 in Kansas.

As a Private in Company A, 66th Infantry, Union Army, on May 2, 1863 during the battle of Chancellorsville he and a party of four voluntarily brought in a wounded Confederate officer from within the enemy’s line in the face of constant fire. For that bravery, above and beyond the call of duty, he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.  He is buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Labette County, Kansas.

While he apparently won the Medal of Honor as a Private, on his tombstone it shows that he must have finished the war as a Captain.


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